“Next Generation Expense Platform"



aio* is for agile and dynamic organisations with distributed teams. It works across the organisation making purchasing and financial management smooth and smart for all the team.

aio* connects prepaid business MasterCards with a mobile management app. Managers can easily allocate, manage and approve budgets, track spending in real time and have all the information ready for bookkeepers, without the hassle of dealing with expense reports, reclaims processes, or reimbursement.

For the employees, it means never being out of pocket and not having to collect and submit physical receipts, seek reimbursements or waste time on unnecessary admin.

MHN has supported aio* from early product development, providing feasibility and cost assessments to build a proof of concept prototype and continues to work closely with the client to further expand aio*’s capabilities.


Individual cards

Employees don’t want to turn to managers for every purchase. Individual cards give your team the money they need at precisely the moment they need it.

Seamless workflow

Real time bank data, no lost receipts, no late reports, no wasted time. Easy export to your business accounting system.

Balance the books

Track expenses in real time across projects or teams. Delegate budget control approval and allocation authority to team leads or managers.

How It Works

Enroll your company

Register your company online in under 5 minutes. No credit check require and confirmation of business verification within 2-4 working days

Issue cards

Invite your team to join and we will send them their individual business MasterCard. No minimum funding per card – simply add and remove funds as needed.

Fund cards

Once your company is verified you can transfer funds form your bank account at any time to your aio* expense account. Approved funds are transferred instantly, no need to wait to borrow a managers card or pay out-of-pocket.

Control Budgets

Manage your admin account from any pc, tablet or through the app. Pre-approving maximum budgets per activity means you’re free from micromanaging every purchase. Create separate budgets to give other managers authority over budget decisions.

Track spend

See all spend in real time for individuals, teams or projects. Export reports with detailed transactions, summary overviews to help manage cash flow & to help keep book keeping simple.


Budget Control

Create specific budgets for projects or teams to help keep track of expenses across your business activity. Delegate approval and allocation authority to team leads or managers.

Individual Cards

Reduce the risk of shared cards and managing petty cash. No need to wait to borrow a managers card or pay out-of-pocket ever again


Keep track of your spending and budgets any time, any where.


VAT tags

Smart tagging of transactions allows you to keep track of what expenses are reclaimable

Smart receipts

Users tag receipts to bank transactions so you never need to hunt for lost receipts again

Secure spending

Secure spending any where MasterCard is accepted – reduce the risk of shared cards and handling cash

Easy Export

Access reports anytime for simple bookkeeping and reporting

Deep Insight

Get deep understanding of spend and identify areas for potential savings


Spend tracking

Keep track of spend in real time across individuals, projects and teams

Security at the core

We work with world-class partners to bring you a secure spend management solutions. Cards are issued through the MasterCard Network and accepted by millions of merchants worldwide. Sensitive data is stored in PCIDSS compliant data centre. In contrast to business credit cards, prepaid cards do not require a credit check and you can’t get into debt.

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