Prodktr is a product development consultancy. We combine the strategic discovery and deployment of financial technology and digital innovation services. A smarter interdisciplinary approach to delivering solutions for our clients.

We work with leading end to end lifecycle global operating systems including BlackRock Aladdin, Calypso, Murex, Charles River, and other leading operating system providers. We deploy these systems for our clients, supported by capital markets domain knowledge and technology innovation expertise.

We have proven ability to select, shape and develop new product(s), complemented by adding the required technology developments and lead a client’s complete strategic E2E business & digital transformation by adopting our own standard operating model approach. We build products with consortiums and firms.

Development strategy

We take a strategic approach to investment services, operations and technology. Our development strategy includes:

  • Design review
  • Product planning
  • Short and long term map creation
  • Business case delivery360 financial analysis
  • Startup and investor planning.

Product design

Anchored by an ethos of minimal product viability, we place an emphasis on the technical risks of:

  • Product integration and model
  • Proof of concept
  • Minimal viable products and prototypes
  • Architecture modelling for investment systems, user experience, client time and estimate firm up
  • FinteKminds operating system model advisory. Regulatory suitability.

Experience design

We apply usability and product community testing, Beta insights and criteria management. Examples include:

  • Client operating system selection
  • UX experience
  • New instrument types configuration
  • FintekMinds operating system model advisory. Regulatory suitability.
  • Best hardware stack adoption including SaaS/Cloud suitability Innovative technologies.

Product engineering

  • Product document requirements and catalogue
  • Incremental service upgrades
  • New instrument types configuration with existing systems
  • Regulatory technology configuration with existing systems
  • Mobile application. iOS / Android product scale/security/objectionable review.

Innovation management

We apply the Fintekminds operating system model & methodology to deliver leading investment systems including:

  • BlackRock Aladdin
  • Calypso
  • Murex
  • Charles River and other leading operating system providers.

Manufacturing support

We are very much hands-on, carrying out onsite visits to:

  • Unlock client and system provider issue resolution
  • Supplement or replace existing consultation delivery team
  • Conduct quality verification and debugging
  • Review, recommend & replace client applications
  • Set up premium partner certified program for systems, data and process including AWS, Google, FB, Murex & others)