Prodktr launches Segue managed service to accelerate firms switching Trading, Operations and Accounting service providers.

Prodktr launches Segue managed service: Prodktr, a business transformation service provider, today announces the launch of ProdktrSegue (, to accelerate financial firms switching trading, operations, and accounting service providers or processing platforms.

Growing regulatory burdens, shrinking profit margins, and rapidly changing markets are forcing investment firms to rethink their technology solutions and deployment options.

Partially in response to these challenges, trading firms are increasingly migrating their front and middle office systems to the cloud and to service providers. Cloud deployment provides several key benefits, including frequent software upgrades, high quality data, predictable costs, and the latest cybersecurity.

Migrating data between providers (such as existing middle office bank provider to a FinTech) is a costly, error-prone and resource intensive exercise. Our managed service and data driven cloud-based migration platform enables firms to consider switching platforms with reduced cost and risk.

“Our goal for the managed service is to give firms a simpler and cheaper route to migrating their business. Cost pressure means modern ways of working have to be considered, Segue’s data driven architecture and advanced integration connectivity enables firms to realise cost savings and sustainability by reducing the burden of hiring short term migration contractors”, said John Read, founder of Prodktr.

The ProdktrSegue service includes fund and security master data, migration of positions, and transaction data while supporting lifecycle management for Trading, Middle Office and Investment and Fund Accounting Operations.

The Prodktr Transformation Roadmap service provides firms with a risk based analysis of their current operating model, a prioritised transformation plan, and the ability to then execute that transformation. Segue underpins this aim of low cost, high efficiency and low-touch STP with a tight coupling between the execution phase and the completion of a transformation project.

The platform

ProdktrSegue uses an advanced integration framework to connect with the world’s leading capital markets service and technology providers for cross asset class migrations.

Cross-asset instrument coverage: Segue supports 45 instrument types including derivatives, fixed income, equities, foreign exchange and private asset classes, including market events.

Bank Loan, CFD and Prime Broker agnostic: Segue is pre-canned with some of the leading street brokers

Fintech cloud and local managed service expertise: Supported and managed by experienced migration engineers, accountants, and architects located in Edinburgh, India and Japan.

Built in partnership

Prodktr has partnered with Fidel Softech a specialised software development and managed services firm to create this unique end-to-end cloud-based solution that is simple but powerful to use. ProdktrSegue enables businesses to switch all capital market transaction, position data and analytics easily and quickly into one platform and combine insights through modular integration with a fully comprehensive cross asset class coverage and support.


About Prodktr

Prodktr is a business transformation service in the capital markets, specializing in investment technology and operations. Prodktr helps firms transform, optimize, and grow with a rapid and dynamic fundamental digital technology shift to your business and operating models that can help firms reduce cost, simplify, stay relevant, and maximize disruptive commercial opportunities.

This exciting partnership with Fidel Softech will accelerate Prodktr’s potential and opportunities within the global capital markets. This is the beginning of a transformative chapter for Prodktr and the ProdktrSegue managed service. The integrated solution will enable Prodktr and their clients to access the next level of data driven insight, infrastructure and technology.

John Read, CEO

About Fidel Softech

Fidel Softech ( is a leading outsourced product development, software and localisation services and consulting company based out of Pune, India. Fidel Softech also specializes in FIX connectivity and offers services around client onboarding, third party testing & automation, OMS development and other capital markets legacy software support. Fidel is ISO9001 & ISO27001 compliant.

Fidel Softech’s clients include Bluefin consulting, Prodktr, SAP and other clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies, product companies & SMEs from countries like Japan, US, UK, EMEA & India.

Fidel Softech provide both software development expertise and operational support to enable ProdktrSegue to be used for any size of transformation project. With more than 200+ employees, Fidel Softech focuses on digital transformation, robotic process automation & data analytics, cloud technology and staff augmentation.

Fidel further assists its clients to go global by offering niche linguistic add-on services like software localization, linguistic testing, multi-lingual data creation for training AI engines & cross-border communication.

Sunil Kulkarni, CEO

Tel: +91-20-49007800