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Prodktr partners with LiqidSolutions to utilise Opmodal to optimise investment operating model reviews.

Prodktr, a capital markets transformation specialist based in Edinburgh announced an exciting partnership with LiqidSolutions to utilise their Opmodal application to accelerate investment operating model reviews driven by technology and data.

This exciting partnership enhances Prodktr’s successful buyside transformation roadmap service (TRS) combining business operating model mapping and transformation technology, with access to the LiqidSolutions team and their domain expertise in this area.

We will be utilising Opmodal Pro, allowing our operating model specialists to work with our clients to:

  • rapidly map existing current state processes
  • validate process flows with the client
  • analyse inter-process dependencies
  • propose future state processes based on Prodktr’s investment transformation domain expertise
  • drive transparency by providing clients with an independent searchable, navigable repository of business processes

The team at LiqidSolutions have a proven track record of understanding and delivering operating model change and having seen them operating in this space for a number of years we are delighted to be able to bring the benefits of that experience to our own clients – with the distillation of that expertise into Opmodal.

Prodktr is a business transformation service boutique in the capital markets, specialising within trading and investment operations. We can help your firm transform, optimise, and grow with a rapid and dynamic fundamental digital technology shift to your business and operating models that can help your firm reduce cost, simplify, stay relevant, and maximize disruptive commercial opportunities. For a full overview of our services please click here.

“It’s fantastic to collaborate with the LiqidSolutions team and technology. We have known each other for a long-time. Our operating model review service is growing rapidly and we bring the best tech domain innovation to our clients.” – John Read, founder at Prodktr

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