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What does the Segue data migration service do?

Segue enables firms to switch all capital market transactions, position data and analytics easily and quickly into one platform and combine insights through modular integration with a fully comprehensive cross asset class coverage and support. The platform has been designed and built by our own migration experts, with the objective of providing a scalable and technology-driven managed service for firms completing investment migration activities.

The migration service capability includes fund and security master, migration of positions, and transaction data while supporting lifecycle management for Trading, Middle Office and Investment and Accounting Operations.

We offer three types of services (and our customers can choose to take any or all of them):
Trading and Post Trade Data Migration

Our technology can extract data from any trading systems. Standardized data sources including fund and security static setups, migration of positions, and transactions while supporting lifecycle management for Trading and Investment operations.

Accounting Data Migration
Supporting both investment and/or fund accounting data migrations. Incoming data is mapped to a security master, position, and transaction definition. Any bugs or inconsistencies in the data are also removed.
Data Integration, Reconciliation, and Analytics
Our dynamic platform is configured with SS&C Globe Op instrument trade processing and Geneva accounting technology.

Our services are offered in two formats: as software only or a managed service.

  • Managed service: We provide fully operational style service for our clients including data migration source extraction, mapping, exception management, reconciliation, testing, migration analytics and early support.
  • Software as a service: Software licensing and centrally hosted


Data Scope vs. Service Scope:
Functional Overview

    Count on Segue to ensure data integrity, compliance and security.

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