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How does Segue work?

  • Segue uses advanced integration framework to connect with the world's leading capital markets service and technology providers for cross asset classes including CRD, SS&C, Calypso and Fund Administrators.
  • Cross-asset instrument coverage. Supports 45 instrument types including derivatives, fixed income, equities, foreign exchange and private asset classes, including market events.
  • Bank Loan, CFD and Prime Broker agnostic. Precanned with some of the leading street brokers
  • FinTech cloud and managed service expertise. Supported and managed by experienced migration engineers, accountants and architects.



Typical service provider requirement


Our cloud technology validates data and accelerates the overall client migration experience


Segue Data Preparation

Segue uses advanced integration framework (AIF) to connect with the world's leading capital markets service and technology providers for cross asset classes including CRD, SS&C, Calypso and Fund Administrators.

Instrument Destination: Segue consumes client specification data files and saves these as instrument destinations. This enables Segue to successfully map source data received for each instrument into the corresponding destination required for output.

Instrument Configuration: Segue encompasses built-in functions that allow the user to adjust data from source files and generate an output as per the client destination specifications.

The table below describes Segue's six standard source data files alongside a short description of what each typically comprises of:

File name Description
Positions Provides a snapshot of what positions are held at a specific point time. i.e., End of Day, Start of day or valuation point. It will include data such as fund, security ID, quantity & cost
Trades Show outstanding trades at the time of migration, will include trade specific data such as Trade date value date, transaction fees & transaction number
Fund Master Shows all the data requirements for the fund setup such as valuation point, domicile, base currency
Security Master Shows all the static required to setup a security for example on CFD it would show the payment frequency, bonds the interest rate accrual methodology. It would also show as many market identifiers as possible to ensure the correct security is setup
FX Will reflect the FX rates for every valuation been migrated. If the outgoing system is USD based, we would expect to see a EUR/USD FX rate for all valuation points. This is to ensure we have the correct base market value on migration day.
Residual Data Every system will have slightly different way of naming the same thing. For example, might describe accrual methodology as ACT/ACT while another might call it Actual/Actual. This file which is generally 2/3 columns will convert the data in one system's language to the new systems' language.

Segue encompasses built-in features which instantly save time, as well as being dynamic and adaptable to each client.


Key Deliverables for Data Mastery:

Our solution is designed to provide a comprehensive approach to data management, with best practices to deliver high-quality results. Our Comprehensive Advisory & Managed Services is empowered with a Streamlined Data Migration and Intelligent Reconciliation platform. At Prodktr Segue, we offer a range of services, each tailored to address specific aspects of data management.

Governance and Oversight
A workflow management system providing firms with oversight and transparency into the migration activities performed by the Segue team.
Valuation reconciliations to support client parallel run and exception handling
Account Maintenance
  • Capturing all relevant sources including Fund & account details
  • Account methodology (FIFO / weighted average)
Settled Position Data
Capturing & mapping of holding data including market ID, Nominal, Book Cost (Local & Base) and Market price
Reference Data Management
  • Capture securities, currencies & issuers
  • Pricing information (MTM, FX, Rates, OTC, Real Assets)
  • GL Code & descriptions
General Ledger
Capturing & mapping of source GL code and balances to target system
Transaction and Open Position Capture
  • Capture and record trades and open positions upon extract or using advance integration framework from client OMS / PMS standard message format protocol
  • Provide trade and position information to new provider as required
  • Capture existing transactions and/or archived trades including back book(s) as required
Workflow Activities
  • Requirement analyses
  • Testing
  • Pre-conversion
  • Conversion data migration
  • Parallel run
  • Early care
Security Pricing
Capture underlying instrument and security prices
Residual Data
  • Fund Codes
  • Broker Code
  • Security static accrual method, payment frequency, SSls, resets and commissions

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