The Segue platform is an accelerator for migrating a business between operational platforms. Segue decreases the time and risk involved in optimising the technical operating model - giving users the tools to migrate data from one platform to another.


The ProdktrSegue platform empowers Prodktr to transition Investment Operations processes from one technology/service provider to another efficiently and safely.

There are four main functions:

  1. Extract: Our platform can pull data from multiple sources and store that in an integrated way. In one project we retrieved data from seven other databases in order to then push the data onwards to the target system.
  2. Scrub: A control check is completed to ensure all trades are included for the data point and all required fields are sourced
  3. Export: The conversion files are created and exported in the format outlined by the new service provider
  4. Control: Prior to loading the trade files a final quality control is completed to ensure all required fields are included in the right format.

Quick Success

For a large asset management derivatives post trade service outsourcing migration we accelerated joint conversion testing including an excess of thousands of open positions across Futures, Options, CFDs and OTCs. This outcome reduced operational risk and transition complexity for the asset manager and service provider.

The platform

  • Fully loaded, Easy configurable and adaptable derivatives and investment operations transition service and technology to deliver and accelerate firms transforming derivatives and investment operations operating models
  • ProdktrSegue is configured to plug into some of the leading capital markets service and technology providers for derivatives and securities including CRD, SS&C Globeop and Calypso.
  • In built data quality control checks and verification
  • Provides a seamless multi source 3-way trade and position reconciliation between client, service provider and brokers.
  • Event Management. Service supports all cross-asset class market events and process
  • Bank Loan, CFD and Prime Broker agnostic. Pre-canned with some of the leading street brokers
  • FinTech Saas service cloud model and next day client installation and delivery. Supported and used by Prodktr experienced transformation transition specialists.