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What is ProdktrSegue?

Prodktr Segue is a cloud-based financial data migration and reconciliation analytics platform. With Reconciliation Capabilities Enhanced, our platform supports both two-way and three-way reconciliations, meticulously tracking all data usage, configurations, and applied filters.

The solution empowers firms to migrate and reconcile capital markets data from one system or service provider to another efficiently and safely. Prodktr Segue decreases the time and risk involved in optimising the business operating model - giving firms immediate access to migrate data.

Why ProdktrSegue Platform?



Control & Cost Efficiency
One-Time Configuration Publishing
Clone Feature
Segue Dashboard



AI-Powered Data Recognition & Processing for Asset Classes
Advanced Recognition
Multilingual Support
Automatic Error Correction
Pattern Recognition



Risk Mitigation
Reduced Dependency
Efficient Reconciliation Tools



No Data Programming Required
Error Checking
Reconciliation Capabilities
Reusable Configurations

Who is ProdktrSegue for?


The Prodktr Segue platform offers a scalable, technology-driven managed service for system and service provider migrations and data reconciliation. We also provide complementary data advisory services to optimize your data management strategies.

Our platform enables firms to transition all capital market transactions, position data and analytics easily and quickly into one platform and combine insights through modular integration with a fully comprehensive cross asset class coverage and support.

Prodktr Segue serves:

  • Service Providers
  • System Providers
  • Asset Managers, consultancies, insurance companies and all wealth professionals
  • Asset Owners
  • Banks


Key Features:

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