Prodktr partners with Fidel Softech to deliver a revolutionary business transition platform: ProdktrSegue

Prodktr, a business transformation service provider announced an exciting partnership with Fidel Softech to deliver the ProdktrSegue platform for the capital markets.

Prodktr and Fidel Softech have jointly developed the ProdktrSegue ( platform to accelerate the migration of data from legacy systems into new high efficiency environments. No firm is immune from cost pressure leading to firms working with Prodktr using their Transformation Roadmap Service (TRS) to achieve goals for cost reduction and efficiency. The Transformation Roadmap Service is enhanced by the ProdktrSegue platform to enable quicker and cheaper business transformation.

By partnering with Fidel Softech, Prodktr have created a unique end-to-end cloud- based solution that is simple but powerful to use. ProdktrSegue enables businesses to easily and quickly transition all capital market transaction, position data and analytics into one platform and combine insights through modular integration with a fully comprehensive cross asset class coverage and support.

The cloud based ProdktrSegue platform provides four key functions which are essential during business transformation:

  • Data extraction from source systems
  • Date control metrics
  • Data quality enhancement
  • Data insertion into new high efficiency platforms

ProdktrSegue integrates with environments such as SS&C GlobeOp, Calypso, Charles River and leading investment systems, enabling revolutionary business transition acceleration and experience, transforming data into actionable knowledge and improving overall transition performance.

Fidel Softech provide both software development expertise and operational support to enable ProdktrSegue to be used for any size of transformation project. With more than 200 employees, Fidel Softech focuses on digital transformation, robotic process automation & data analytics, cloud technology and staff augmentation. Fidel further assists its clients to go global by offering niche linguistic services like software localization, translation, linguistic testing, multi-lingual data creation for training AI engines & cross-border communication.

Organizations want to use large-scale data integration and analytics to shape trading, fund and middle office service migrations and perform deep quality risk analysis on huge amounts of data utilizing ProdktrSegue, which Prodktr can utilise and supply

The combination of Prodktr, Fidel Softech and the ProdktrSegue platform provides:

  • Deep capital markets expertise
  • A strong track record of business transformation in the markets
  • Accelerated transformation processes with high quality results
  • The scale to handle clients of any size utilising teams from both firms


The ProdktrSegue platform and the partnership with Fidel Softech is active immediately, for more information see contacts below.

John Read, CEO
Tel: 0808 168 1670
Web: and

Fidel Softech
Sunil Kulkarni, CEO
Tel: +91-20-49007800
Email: Web: