Global Asset Management

Streamline Your Operations: A Case Study

In the dynamic world of global asset management, managing nearly $1 trillion of assets under management is no small feat. With a sprawling presence encompassing offices, thousands of funds, and a vast network of local and regional custodians and multiple third-party administrators (TPAs) spread across diverse regions including Asia Pacific, China, Europe, The Middle East, South America, Canada, and the UK, our client stands as a testament to large-scale operational sophistication.

Their portfolio spans an expansive array of cross-asset investments, including equities, contracts for difference (CFDs), and options, along with a multitude of sophisticated instruments like bond options, total return swaps, inflation swaps, and more, each with its unique set of challenges and intricacies.

This case study explores the transformative journey undertaken by our client, under the guidance of Prodktr’s expertise.

Client Challenges:

Our client faced the significant challenge of enhancing operational efficiency and reducing costs without compromising on service quality. Through strategic interventions and the adoption of advanced solutions across various asset classes, we demonstrate how they overcame operational challenges, optimized performance, and achieved substantial cost savings. This sets a new benchmark in the asset management industry.

Prodktr’s Approach:

  • Roadmap Review Service: We conducted an in-depth analysis of front-to-back business processes and the underlying technology infrastructure. Our goal was to identify pathways to increase efficiency and reduce costs. This included a comprehensive post-trade operating model assessment, problem statement and challenge confirmation, and mapping of existing business processes for productivity analysis.
  • Strategic Solution Development: Our strategy involved detailing solution options to support decision-making. This included a cost-benefit analysis, benchmarking, and developing a solid business case for transformation. We also managed solution selection, optimizing existing systems, choosing new providers or platforms, and preparing RFP documentation.
  • Future Operating Model and Transition Management: We designed a forward-looking operating model that emphasized technology integration, data transition, and operation parallel to existing processes with thorough reconciliations. Our transition strategy was supported by resource augmentation and reshaping, coupled with an early support model, to ensure a seamless transition to the new operational framework.
  • Global Insource Model to Outsourcing: A significant shift was moving from a global insource model to outsourcing. This strategy facilitated cross-asset class diversification, including automation from front to back (FTB) and fund reshaping, thus improving operational efficiency and scalability.

Prodktr Highlights:

  • Efficiency and Cost Reduction: By harnessing our collective expertise in the derivatives domain, we identified and implemented opportunities to streamline processes and enhance technology utilization, significantly cutting technology-related costs.
  • Data Consistency: Our Enterprise Data Management expertise enabled seamless data integration across various operational fronts, ensuring consistent and reliable data crucial for informed decision-making and regulatory compliance.

Client Outcomes:

  • Operational Streamlining: We achieved substantial automation and infrastructure application optimization, leading to reduced technology spending across front, middle, and back office functions. This reflects our proficiency in conducting comprehensive operating model audits, technology assessments, and strategic transition management. Efficiency in front-office trade operations was notably improved.
  • Enhanced Data Management: We guaranteed accuracy and consistency in data delivery to both front office and accounting, underscoring our commitment to standardizing operating models and re-engineering business processes. The readiness of the platform for integration with third-party fund administrators, custodians, and external managers further streamlined operations.
  • Global Team Reshaping: We fostered a reshaped and highly trained global oversight team, securing improved commercial terms with fixed pricing. This aligns with our transformative strategy across various global business units, including the introduction of independent Equity CFD finance verification.
  • Trade Process Optimization: We successfully addressed missing back-dated equity cash account events and fees over a decade. This highlights our dedication to enhancing operational efficiency and reducing manual interventions..

Our Service Offerings:

Prodktr offers a comprehensive suite of services extending beyond operational improvements to include transformational strategies. Our services range from operating model audits and strategic transition management to outsourcing service provider selection and the design and implementation of bespoke operating models. We are at the forefront of Cloud & Utility Transformations, Software Selections, and digital strategy and banking application development.

Why Choose Prodktr?

Choosing Prodktr means engaging with a partner dedicated to innovation in Capital Markets, Corporates, Asset Management, and Regulatory Services. Our expertise in business process innovation, supported by agile technology delivery, sets industry standards. We optimize your operating model for peak efficiency and cost savings, facilitating geographic expansion and overcoming legacy technology challenges.

We stand at the forefront of business transformation in the capital markets, driving investment operation transformations, optimizing derivatives business processes, and leading enterprise data management initiatives. Our seasoned team is poised to elevate your operations to new heights.

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